Merry Christmas - style 6 cookie cutter and embosser

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Merry Christmas - style 6 cookie cutter and embosser

Get ready for Christmas with these 3D printed cookie cutters.
Great to use on fondant or rolled out cookie dough. Spread the festive spirit by baking a few cookies with some unique designs.

These cookie cutters are printed on order in premium PLA plus plastic.
Remember to coat the cutter with icing sugar/ flour before cutting, to get the best result use on dough that will not raise too much during baking.

Care: These are not dishwasher safe and need to be hand washed only in warm water.

Size: 7cm diameter

Please Note: With FDM 3D printing an object is created by laying down successive layers of plastic until the object is completed. These layers (0.2mm high) will be visible to the human eye. As each item is printed separately and not using a mould, no two models will ever be exactly the same and may have minor imperfections which can occur during the printing process.